"I Believe that, as musicians, we look to find a guitar with colorful
rich tone, astonishing dynamics, projection for concert halls and confort
to play that would make us feel that the instrument is an extension of our
own thoughts, hearth and soul. I´ve found all those qualities in
the Sato guitar from the first time I played on it, and since then,
I´m fully satisfied.

But there´s an unique quality in the Sato guitar, which made me feel
more intrigued and amazed. More than giving life to our musical ideas
in every detail, this guitar has a "teaching" quality.
By the word "teaching", I mean that this guitar guides us
to be more sensitive to the sound, to go deeper in our musical expression
and to find new possibilities of making the music sound.
I´m very thankful to own such an instrument that inspires me, day by day,
in each playing session, to become a better artist."

Joăo Batista Souza

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